Do You Have The Guts To Become A Co-Founder in a Startup?

Join the Tech-Incubator’s 4 month program starting Friday, 8th July 2022 (respecting your potential exams) where you will get insights into how to run a startup. The first three days (8th+9th+10th July), you and the other participants get the chance to meet each other. You will be invited to our Startup Chalet sponsored by the Tech-Incubator (all inclusive). After these initial days, you will know with whom you could imagine forming a team and building a startup.

Ultimately, the goal after the 4 months is to spin-off the startup and make you independent from the Tech-Incubator, and to make you the Co-Founder and Co-Owner.

The first 2 months (July + August) need to be conducted on a 60-80% basis, and the last 2 months (September + October) on a 20-30% basis, respecting your studies. Hence, you can take part in this program while studying.

Let’s GO

You will be supported by the Tech-Incubator experts during the 4 month program in the areas of:

Business Modelling and Development
Marketing and Sales
Financials and Financing
Processes and Systems

In addition, the Tech-Incubator is also financing the creation of the minimum viable product (MVP) from the technical perspective.

Join one of the info sessions to get full insights into what to expect.

The Tech-Incubator invites you to one of the info sessions where you will be presented with a variety of startups which you can join. It is free to attend the info session.

Please note:

Please note that after a potential successful acceptance of your application and prior to start of the fully free summer programme, there is a commitment-fee of CHF 300. Upon successful completion of the entire programme, the CHF 300 commitment fee is fully refunded.

What can I expect from the info session?

The Tech-Incubator invites you to the info sessions where you will be presented startups which you can join and get to know some of the experts. It is free to attend the info session.

Register to an info session:

(timezone: Zurich)

Tuesday, 22nd November 2022 at 7pm-8:30pm

Tuesday, 28th February 2023 at 6pm-7:30pm

Saturday, 25th March 2023 at 4pm-5:30pm

Thursday, 13th April 2023 at 6pm-7:30pm

Thursday, 5th May 2023 at 5pm-6:30pm

Who can apply?

Anyone the age above 18yrs old that has following characteristics:

  • Curiosity

  • Drive to do something

  • Fast-Learner

  • Willing to tap into unknown territories

  • Happy to take advice

  • with any type of educational background

Ideally, you have a completed bachelor degree (or similar) or are soon to complete.

About the Tech-Incubator:

The Tech Incubator is a private organisation that launches startups on the basis of the observed needs of our “Zeitgeist”.

The role of the Tech Incubator is to identify and bring together the right talent in its startups and nurture the talent’s growth. The startups are launched with the focus on performing in a way that generates and drives benefit to all stakeholders and communities involved.

Some of the Experts

Dorian Ebneter

Dorian Ebneter

CEO at BV4 Ltd. - Venture Intelligence Boutique
Cornel Müller

Cornel Müller

CEO & Chairman of HR Tech Holding AG
Christoph Anrig

Christoph Anrig

Co-Owner Travel Startup bbacksoon

Register for one of the info sessions:

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Additional information:

Your personal data is not shared with anyone else. You will only be contacted for the purpose of the kickoff event.